MME VI concert as part of the Bomplenazo series at HOSTOS


The Multicultural Music Group presented the first concert of the 2008-2009 Multicultural Music Encounter series. The presentation consisted of a community dialogue and music presentation focusing on the development of the music brought to the United States by the Puerto Rican immigrants and how these musical genres were transformed into a new musical style as a result of their social and cultural encounters.

A panel of scholars and composers discussed the evolution of Puerto Rican Bomba y Plena from its roots to the present forms and the recent influence on the symphonic setting. The panel was composed of Papo Vazquez, Ray Santos, Juan Gutierrez, Ricardo Pons and George Mathew.


This presentation featured the innovative Bomba y Plena ensemble Viento de Agua together with the Bronx Arts Ensemble performing the world premiere of “El Origen del Recuerdo”, composed by Ricardo Pons. The event took place at HOSTOS college in the Bronx on October 9th 2008 and was very well attended. This presentation was supported in part by the Department of Cultural Affairs, The New York State council on the Arts and The Bronx Arts Ensemble. A very special thank you to The HOSTOS Center for Arts and Culture for their support and dedication.