Multicultural Music Group, Inc. – Major Accomplishments

– In 1996, MMG was granted a NYC Department of Education Service Provider Contract.

– In 1997, the MMG founder, Dr. Luis Mojica, received the Echoing Green Foundation Fellowship for development and further implementation of MMG.

– In 1999, MMG was recognized by President Clinton’s Initiative on Race as a one of the “Promising Practices for Racial Reconciliation”.

– In 2002, The Civil Rights Coalition for the 21st Century granted MMG “Promising Program” recognition for its efforts in promoting multicultural understanding world peace.

– The MMG Orchestra Program has been responsible for the development of new symphonic repertoire with a multicultural focus and the support of cultural awareness. This component has presented five music symposiums creating symphonic works representing the following cultures: Indonesian, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Chinese. In addition to the music symposiums, the MMG Orchestra presented in the spring of 2004 a comprehensive five days concert/lectures dedicated to important historical events for the following regions: China, Middle East, Africa and Latin America . Moreover, this component dedicated a major concert at the Lincoln Center in November of 2004 to one of the greatest pianists of Puerto Rican descent, Mr. Charlie Palmieri.

– In 2006 more than 15,000 students in NYC have participated in our instrumental music programs. For many of these children, MMG was the only opportunity they ever had to experience music in a personal meaningful way.

– More than 500 of those students have chosen music as a career or are in the process of becoming professionals in areas related to music.

– The Symphonic Youth Program has been able to prepare approximately 1,500 students to be auditioned into specialized music schools and has provided multicultural instruction to approximately 25,000 students during the past 17 years. Currently four middle schools and two high schools in New York City are applying our curriculum concept of multicultural music, history research and reflection in their music programs.

– The Professional Development Workshops have also provided valuable support for a great number of educators. The grant writing workshops have supported arts based teachers with the acquisition of funds for approximately twelve programs in New York City. In addition, music teachers have been able to reduce their music repair expenses as a result of our instrument repairs workshops and many teachers have been able to apply successfully multicultural and technology concepts in their daily lessons.

– In 2008-09 & 2012, MMG was granted the Union Square Award for outstanding program services to the community.

– In 2013, the MMG was designated an official “Arts for Peace Ambassador” by the World Association of Former United Nations Internes and Fellows (WAFUNIF) one of the two official Civic Charters of the United Nations.