Welcome to the Multicultural Music Group. In 2014/2015 we are entering our nineteenth year of service to the New York City youth and general community.

This year we have new programs and collaborations which will provide musical encounters to our students in the Symphonic Youth Program (SYP). The students in the SYP will have the opportunity to study, play and reflect about different types of music with students of other countries via video-conference. In addition, scholars and composers will provide information to the students in both sides of the spectrum about inside aspects of the history and music to be studied.

The Professional Development Workshops will provide information to teaching artists, administrators and arts education students about the MMG signature curriculum: “Playing History.”This instruction will promote the use of Experiential Learning and Emotional Intelligence in the arts as an effort to support effective instruction to minority urban students as a pedagogical strategy to increase their graduation rate and their admission to postsecondary studies. These series of workshops will take place at participant MMG schools and at Teachers College, Columbia University. In addition, the workshops will focus in the implementation of evaluation, marketing, fundraising and community collaboration in order to create sustainability and constant support for arts education in public schools.

Our professional performances component: The Multicultural Music Encounters (MME) will present for 2014/15 – MMEXIII: “Decisions.”
For the first night we will present “Decree 900: The AFC’s Nightmare” by Guatemalan Composer Sergio Reyes. This presentation will highlight the agrarian reforms that triggered the events that led to the drastic deposition of Guatemalan President Mr. Jacobo Arbentz in 1954.
The second night will have “The Challenge: Tiananmen Square” by Chinese-American composer, Jason Kao Hwang. This commission will depict the incidents occured in Beijing, China in 1989 during the students’ protests for speech and press freedom.
The last night will showcase “Allende: In Peace We Trust” – by Chilean Composers Fernando & Alex Garcia. This composition will intend to emulate the peaceful movement of Salvador Allende in order to change Chilean economic and political systems by peaceful means.
The MME audiences not only will learn historical information about each focused topic but also will enjoy great musical presentations by artistic legends depicting a history/music concept into a unique aesthetic experience.
The MMG remains committed to creating a legacy of multicultural music and social awareness, therefore as a result of this mission, we will conclude three years of research project collaboration with the Center for Arts Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and the William T. Grant Foundation. The investigation is entitled: “Playing History” and studies our curriculum and its impact on the student’s academic, music and affective/social skills. The outcomes of the last three years’ research demonstrated outstanding improvement in the music, academics and social skill development of the participant students. Other findings such as the correlation among social studies- music –diversity and interpersonal skills validated our claims for cultural understanding by affecting aspects of human behavior, which consequently have an effect on the individual, their families and communities.
Our staff, faculty and board members welcomes everyone to an exciting year of activities. We look forward for a continuation of success and growth.